Product Overview

KOMBO 950® LF  is a patented and patent-pending all-in-one granular adjuvant for improving the performance of herbicides, including glyphosate.  The properly formulated granular formulation overcomes alkaline water by softening and acidifying the tank solution.  Wetting agents improve droplet size and mitigates spray drift.  The inclusion of a proprietary and powerful defoaming agent ensures that the end user can minimize/prevent the use of additional defoamers.  The granular, premier adjuvant is water soluble and improves the efficacy of glyphosate and glyphosate-based pesticides. KOMBO 950® LF offers a one-pot cost effective upgrade to Commodity Ammonium Sulfate + Uptake oil/Penetration Surfactant + Defoamer.       

Product Use

KOMBO 950® LF  is intended for use by professional pesticide applicators professionals use in broadacre, horticulture, forestry, and industrial vegetative management programs.  The highly concentrated solid product is typically diluted in water from as strong as 0.5% (m/m) to 0.25% (m/m).  See state specific product labels or contact a Kop-Coat Agricultural Specialist for use rates. The granular adjuvant must be used by personnel trained in the use of chemicals with proper environmental, and workplace health and safety practices.  KOMBO 950® LF  is not sold for consumer use.  KOMBO 950® LF  has been fully evaluated for impacts on human toxicity and environmental fate and found not to pose an adverse risk when used according to label and SDS instructions. 

Regulatory Information 

Adjuvants are not regulated by the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency. Herbicide adjuvants are required to be registered in several states. Contact Kop-Coat Protection Products Group for state-specific requirements prior to application.

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