Product Overview

DRAH-KARRE FR™ is a high visibility powdered concentrate fire retardant that when applied, creates a fire break to aid in preventing wildfire burn progression.  The fire-retardant technology within DRAH-KARRE FR has over 40 years of proven performance in exterior wildland use patterns.  DRAH-KARRE FR can be applied in any weather situation and can provide efficacy when wet or dry.  DRAH-KARRE FR readily mixes with water with simple mechanical agitation.   DRAH-KARRE FR is available in a highly pigmented blaze orange form, a standard visibility blaze orange, or a non-tinted version.    

Product Use

DRAH-KARRE FR is intended for use by forestry management/agriculture  professionals via all ground based (non-aerial) application methods.  The highly concentrated fire-retardant product is typically diluted  at 1 pound per 1 gallon of water.  Typical application rates range from 1 gal to greater than 6 gal per acre.  See state specific product labels or contact a Kop-Coat Agricultural Specialist for use rates. The DRAH-KARRE FR must be used by personnel trained in the use of chemicals with proper environmental, and workplace health and safety practices.  DRAH-KARRE FR Concentrate is not sold for consumer use.  DRAH-KARRE FR  has been fully evaluated for impacts on human toxicity and environmental fate and found not to pose an adverse risk when used according to label and SDS instructions. 

Regulatory Information 

Fire Retardants are not regulated by the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency. Contact Kop-Coat Protection Products Group for state-specific requirements prior to application. 

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