Building Material Products

Kop-Coat Protection Products Business Units offer Restoration, Moisture Control, Protective Coatings, and Pest Deterrence Programs to Protect Solid Lumber, Engineered Wood, Panels, Composites, Wallboard, Cementaceous Products, and Asphalt Panels during and after construction.

These Programs include Patented, Patent Pending, and Innovative Technologies to impart anti-fungal, anti-insect, moisture control, protective additives, and other protectant molecules onto/into these substrates/coatings.    

Kop-Coat Protection Products Global Building Materials Programs Continue to Build the World with Durable Wood and Cementaceous/Asphalt Products.  These technologies allow for the protection and/or remediation of these articles via:

  • DRIWRAP® Moisture Control Product Lines
  • Chromostop™ Wood Discolor Prevention Agent
  • WRS™ (Weather Resistant System) Breathable Coating
  • WoodYouth® Exterior Water Repellent System.

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